Seaward Footpedal systems, sliding, locking, brace and mounting hardware.

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With the SmartTrack Toe Pilot Foot Controls, instead of sliding your feet forward and back as with standard pedals, your feet stay braced at all times. Upper pedals do the steering so your stability and balance are never compromised. Lets you maintain control while directing energy from your torso directly to your stroke. Paddling more efficiently means you can paddle longer.

• Control the rudder with your feet
• Keeps your feet braced at all times
• Maintain control and efficiency
• Easy to install
• Sold as a pair
C$105.00 / pair(s) *

Sliding Foot Brace Assembly, with track. This is the older conventional style of foot pedals. Push right, go right, Push left, go left. The pedals are easily adjusted with webbing straps.

C$101.00 *

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