OEM Parts

OEM Parts


Seaward K-1&K-2 Rudder replacement parts,skeg/rudder cables and fittings. Smart track systems. Upgrade kits.

Hatches&Neoprene covers

Seaward OEM Hatch covers, neoprene covers(all models) Valley hatches (Foster Kayaks)


Seaward foot rest assemblies / sliding rudder control to Smart track systems.

Deck fittings & rigging

Rigging including fittings, shock cord, rope rigging kits and carry handles.

Seats/replacement parts

Seats, seat parts, seat systems complete

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Original Bow Cover for all Seaward Seaward Kayaks k-1 and K-2 kayaks. Comes complete with hatch tether. Please specify color.

C$106.00 *

In stock

This is Seaward''s OEM UHMW keel guard. It is very hard wearing and saves the abrasion of gel coat on the stern as a kayak is brought up the beach. Seaward Kayaks have a recess in their hull molds to accomodate for this keel guard. It is a standard replacement part for Seaward kayaks. Comes complete with mounting skrews.

C$19.95 *

In stock

This padded seat back assembly is made of UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) plastic. It is incredibly durable and comes predrilled to fit cockpit stanchions. The adjuster strap controls the back tension. The ribbed padding on the backband makes this very supportive and comforable. Flat width = 23"

C$88.00 *

In stock

This K-2 Rudder is suitable for an end mount location.The blade and parts are made of anodized aluminum and are corrosion resistant. The Blade is 25" long and a maximum of 5" wide. The end mounting bracket is 3 1/4" x 1/2". Weight 1.4 kg.

C$205.00 *

In stock

This K-1 Rudder is suitable for a stern mount location.The blade and parts are made T6061 anodized aluminum include are the mounting bracket and bolts ...


C$195.00 *

In stock

Rudder block for either Single of double kayaks.  Please specify your kayak model in the comments section.

C$35.00 *

In stock

Rudder block for either Single or double kayak Seaward rudders

C$25.00 *

In stock

Heavy duty dry bag material, comes with  Tether hook, Adjustable bungee cord rim attachment Double-stitched seams

Available in Regular and XLC sizes

C$49.95 *

In stock

OEM Seaward center neoprene for the Passat G3.

C$61.50 *

In stock

If it's comfort you need then our 3 way adjustable seat is the answer. UV stable, removable seat cushion and pivotin back-rest all in one. The seat system comes with all the mounting hardware and is available in 16 or 18 inch widths. Can be installed in most kayaks.

C$235.00 *

In stock

Let you children enjoy kayaking with you. This G3 center seat drops easily into the center strorage compartment of our popular Passat G3 double kayak.

C$150.00 *

In stock

This is a replacement part for backrest part# 7.31 The adjustable tension on the strap alters the seat back angle and position. The kit comes complete with mounting hardware.

C$21.00 *

In stock

Seat Base - 2" Foam. This foam bucket seat is sculpted and contoured for a good fit. It is available in both 16 & 18 inch widths.The closed cell foam is encased in a mesh and nylon rip stop cover with a paddle pocket sewn into the underside so that the seat can be unclipped and used as an emergency paddle float. There is a full length velcro closure on the nylon cover which allows easy access to put additional foam across the front for increased thigh support.(This usually solves the legs going to sleep problem) This is one of the most comfortable seat bases in the kayaking world!

Available in 16" and 18"(XLC)

C$81.50 *

In stock

Original Stern Cover for all Seaward K-1 kayaks. Comes complete with hatch tether. Please specify color.

C$106.00 *

With the SmartTrack Toe Pilot Foot Controls, instead of sliding your feet forward and back as with standard pedals, your feet stay braced at all times. Upper pedals do the steering so your stability and balance are never compromised. Lets you maintain control while directing energy from your torso directly to your stroke. Paddling more efficiently means you can paddle longer.

• Control the rudder with your feet
• Keeps your feet braced at all times
• Maintain control and efficiency
• Easy to install
• Sold as a pair
C$105.00 / pair(s) *

In stock

  • Powerful UV blockers, prevents fading and cracking
  • Easy to use and store towelettes
  • Restores lost color and luster
  • Repels smudges, dust, soiling and staining
  • Keeps treated surfaces looking new
  • Safe for vinyl, get-coat, fibreglass, carbon fibre, rubber & leather.
C$15.95 / bottle(s) *

OEM Seaward neoprene, fits model: Southwind 

Shock/Bungee cord is constructed with a core consisting of continuous strands of rubber with a jacket made of abrasion-resistant material such as nylon, polyester or polypropylene.

This is the shock cord used on the deck of all Seaward Kayaks and sold in 20ft increments. 

C$10.00 *

In stock

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